How to Exercise at Work

Nowadays it seems like most people sit at a desk for most of the work day. While most people try to go to the gym before or after work, sometimes our lives get so busy that it becomes extremely difficult to make time for the gym. So, here are a few ways that you can exercise while you’re at work.

1.) Take the stairs

There are many opportunities for taking the stairs throughout the day. When you arrive to work, take the stairs. When you take your lunch break, take the stairs. If you have to leave work and come back, take the stairs. Whenever you have the chance to take the stairs, seize that option. Once you’re used to taking the stairs, step up the exercise by taking two steps instead of one at a time.

2.) Jog for a few minutes

You don’t have to sit in your chair for the whole time period you’re at work. Once you feel like you have a brain fog, or you feel stiff from sitting too long, get up and jog in place. In order to get your heart rate up, jog in place for a few minutes, take a break, and then jog in place for a few more minutes.

3.) Wander around the office

Walking is one of the most underrated exercises. Even though it may seem like you’re not making a difference, walking throughout the day will stimulate your muscles and heart rate. If you have to talk to someone across the office, opt to walk to their desk instead of dialing them on the phone or emailing them. When you have some down time, you can even explore your office building to meet new employees or catch up with some of your favorite coworkers.

4.) Stand instead of sitting

Even though standing in one place isn’t necessarily an exercise, it is better for your body and overall health than sitting for a long period of time. Try to challenge yourself each day to stand as much as possible. You can even have coworkers join in on the fun, and create a competition to see who can stand the longest throughout the work day.

5.) Seat squeeze

Do you want to tone your glutes in a discrete way? If so, try the seat squeeze. All you have to do is squeeze your buttocks for 5 to 10 seconds at a time while you sit down. This exercise is super easy, can be done periodically throughout the day, and no one will even know you’re exercising.

6.) Genie in the office

Although this exercise takes some serious body strength, you will be able to master it in no time if you practice enough. While sitting in a chair, place your legs into a criss-cross applesauce form. Then, place your hands on each armrest and push yourself upwards until your body is raised off the seat. Hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds, take a break for a few seconds, and repeat. You can easily do this exercise while reading emails, announcements, and anything else work related.

7.) Shoulder shrugging

Another easy exercise to do at work is to shoulder shrug while you’re at your desk. All you have to do is to raise your shoulders towards your ears. Hold this position for 5 seconds, relax for a few seconds, and then repeat 15 times.

8.) Twist in your chair

This is the perfect exercise for engaging your core. If you have a chair that spins, simply sit in the chair and place your feet slightly above the floor. Slightly grasp the edge of your desk with your hands, then twist the chair right and left with your core. Do this for 15 reps, take a break, then resume throughout the day.