The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet

One of the most recent diets that has become popular is the paleo diet. It seems like everyone is turning to the paleo diet to become healthier. But, what exactly is the paleo diet? Is it healthy? Whether you haven’t heard of the paleo diet before, or you’re interested in starting the paleo diet, here is a quick beginner’s guide to the paleo diet.

What is the paleo diet and why is it popular?

The most basic definition of the paleo diet is that it is the way of eating as nature wanted humans to. The reality is that nature intended for humans to eat natural ingredients instead of cooking and eating foods full of preservatives and other healthy ingredients. It is known that humans have been alive for around 2 million years. But, up until the past 10,000 years, humans did not follow a diet that the average person has today. Thus, the way humans currently eat is relatively new and unnatural. Many nutritionists and health enthusiasts have realized this, and have actively searched for a solution of how we can follow a diet that is similar to the diets of our ancestors. One of the solutions was found in the book The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. Wolf’s book, combined with similar books, such as The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, has sparked the paleo diet’s popularity.

What foods can I eat on the paleo diet?

A good rule of thumb to follow on the paleo diet is that if our ancestors wouldn’t eat it, then you shouldn’t. This means that you shouldn’t eat any cookies, chips, or even breakfast cereal. Another good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients in the food, and you are aware that it contains a ton of preservatives and chemicals, then you shouldn’t eat it. Some of the foods that you can eat on the paleo diet are; lean meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, less sugary fruits, and nuts.

What about grains and dairy?

Whole grains and dairy are generally not paleo diet foods, there are some exceptions. Mark Sisson, who runs the blog Mark’s Daily Apple, consumes some fermented dairy products although he adheres to the paleo diet. But, if you’re going to consume dairy, it’s important to know that whole milk the least processed out of all of the other milks. Consuming dairy products and grains is typically recommended for beginner paleo dieters because it eases the process of the extreme diet change. But, it’s important to note that people who have been following the paleo diet for a long time will not eat grains or dairy products.

How does the paleo diet work?

In the most basic terms, the paleo diet works because you aren’t consuming processed foods. Instead of consuming foods that are high in fat, and full of sugars and preservatives, you are consuming natural foods. Thus, you are eating clean and consuming less cheap carbohydrates. While cheap carbohydrates will give you quick energy, they are detrimental to your health in the long run as they promote the storing of fat. So, the paleo diet helps stimulate your body to burn fat in a faster and healthier way.

Is the paleo diet safe?

There are many rumors and misconceptions about the safety of the paleo diet. But, the paleo diet is completely safe and is even a healthier diet than the typical diet of the average person. The paleo diet is only deemed as unsafe when people who follow the diet do not eat enough carbohydrates and protein, and only focus on eating a minimal amount of fruits and vegetables.

Awesome Welding Helmets and Masks I Recommend to My Clients

While welding is a fun and creative hobby and profession, it can be extremely dangerous. A variety of dangerous factors, such as ultraviolet light, infrared light, and sparks can damage your face or neck. So, it is extremely important that you wear a top quality welding helmet or mask while welding. Continue below to check out a few of the awesome welding helmets and masks that I recommend to my clients.

1.) Antra AH6-260

Although the Antra AH6-260 is one of the cheapest welding helmets on the market (it costs $46), the material and technology used to create this helmet is anything but cheap. One of the most renowned features of the Antra AH6-260 is the specially designed auto darkening lens that has four sensors and is activated with an intricate smart chip. Aside from the typical on and off switch, this welding helmet has an adjustable setting that allows you to control the sensitivity and delay of the Antra AH6-260. Other features include; power off technology that cools the filter down, a battery indicator, a permanent UV protection shade, and a reaction time of 1/25,000 seconds. Thus, the Antra AH6-260 is versatile enough to be used throughout the cutting and grinding processes, as well as the main welding process.

2.) Instapark ADF Series GX-350S

The Instapark ADF Series GX-350S is another cheap welding helmet that is created with top of the line technology. Priced at $40, this is the perfect welding helmet for people who want more protection than just goggles, but are not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a welding helmet. The Instapark ADF Series GX-305S has an extra-large viewing window that can used with various shades. This helmet comes with three different shade filters, as well as extra shade filters for when the original shade filters become worn out. Eye fatigue is minimized with the optimum optical technology that was used to create the Instapark ADF Series GX-350S. Finally, this welding helmet is best used for the following welding types; Stick, TIG, or MIG.

3.) Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 is one of the most renowned and advanced welding helmets that has been created to date. This welding helmet costs $229, and provides users with the largest and clearest optical clarity that a welding helmet can provide. The specialized 4C lens technology enables the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 to provide welders with some of the sharpest images available. This welding helmet even has a grind mode setting, which provides welders with a shade type filter that limits the amount of sensitivity they will have to light. The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 also has one of the longest battery powers on the market, as it has a battery life of over 100 hours. When it does come time to replace the batteries, you can easily unhinge the two clips that hold together the lenses. From there, you will be able to remove the current batteries and replace them with new ones.

4.) Jackson Safety W40

The last welding helmet on my list is the Jackson Safety W40. This welding helmet costs $133 and has the best welding helmet ratings on the market, even websites such as have raved about the advanced design of the Jackson Safety W40. The Jackson Safety W40 is equipped with an adjustable shade from 9 to 13. Thus, you have control in the color and sharpness of the images you will see through the wide viewing window. In addition to the adjustable filters, the Jackson Safety W40 has adjustable sensors that control how bright the image is, as well as how sensitive to light the helmet will be. One of the best features of the Jackson Safety W40 is the special Jackson Auto Darkening Filter. The Jackson Auto Darkening Filter has an intricate design that ensures the helmet will be able to easily adapt to various work environments, even ones that are lighter or darker than average. Overall, the Jackson Safety W40 is the perfect professional welding helmet for welders who want a versatile welding helmet they can count on to remain durable for a long time.